Cable Winches & Reels

Cable Reels - Making your job easier.

Often overlooked, the cable reel is one of the most important pieces of the inspection system. IBAK's line of cable reels are designed specifically to work with IBAK equipment and to withstand the harsh environments that you encounter. All mainline cable is Kevlar reinforced and coated for protection. Our standard mainline cables are rated at over 2000 lbs. pull strength. Special cable reel features like synchronized operation, automatic level winds, and remote controls make your job easier.

HSP Pushrod Reel

The HSP Pushrod reels are designed to withstand the rigors of the environment. The camera cable is covered with a replaceable PVC sheath and strengthened with a fiberglass rod. The protective sheath absorbs damage and keeps the transmission cable safe. The HSP is available in 130 and 200 foot lengths.

KT 180 Portable Reel

The KT180 Reel is designed for portable or truck-mounted operation. Features include: manual level-wind, carry handle, roller wheels, power-assist rewind, emergency stop and integrated distance counter. Capacity is up to 656 feet of high-strength cable.

KW 180 Powered Cable Reel

The KW180 is designed for permanent installation in a vehicle or trailer. Features include: automatic level-wind, full power cable rewind and payout, optional adjustable boom and work light, compact easy-to-install design, and a remote control pendant for tractor functions. Capacity is up to 656 feet of high-strength cable.

KW 305 Synchronized Cable Reel

The KW305 is our most popular reel for use in mainline and lateral launch inspections. Features include: adjustable boom and optional work light, integrated power winch for lowering and retrieving equipment, automatic level-wind, fully synchronized cable management, and a remote control pendant for tractor and lateral launch functions. Capacity is up to 1000 feet of high-strength cable.

KW 505 Sychronized Cable Reel with Fiber Optic Capability

The KW505 has all the same great features of the KW 305 and accepts over 1640 feet of high-strength fiber-optic cable or standard high-strength cable. The KW505 allows longer distance inspections and has the capability of transmitting the data from PANORAMO® 360º Pipeline Scanners.


The KW305 and KW505 cable reels feature synchronized cable retraction and payout. This reduces wear on the cable, increases production, and greatly reduces the chance that you will back over your cable during retrieval.

Remote Pendant

Each mainline cable reel offers an accessory pendant controller which enables the operator at the back of the vehcile to retract the tractor and remove it from the pipeline. The KW305 and KW505 pendant controllers also support lateral launch systems and include controls for the lowering winch.

Lowering Winch

KW 305 and KW 505 cable reels include a built-in lowering winch for tractor and camera systems. This powerful winch makes inserting or removing the equipment from the pipeline easier and safer. It reduces the chance that equipment will be dropped, reducing the strain on your back and your wallet.