Controllers & Power Supplies

Controllers - Efficiency and Convenience

The best equipment in the world demands a control system to match. What good would a race car be if you had to reach behind the seat to shift the transmission? Unfortunately many manufacturers do not take the time to solicit feedback from operators in the field like we do. As a result they construct controllers that, while easy to manufacture, are difficult to use and negatively impact productivity. IBAK has been manufacturing sewer inspection equipment for over 50 years and we've learned a lot about what makes a system easy to use and efficient. You can be sure that when you use IBAK equipment you are in control and getting the job done.

BOP Pushrod Control

The BOP attaches to the HSP reels and handles the operation of the HYDRUS, JUNO, ORION and ORION-L cameras. The new version of the BOP includes on-board digital video recording to a variety of media. Add an external keyboard to enter text over the video recording.

BK3.5 Portable Control

The new BK 3.5 portable controller is the perfect solution for taking inspections off-road. The BK offers all of the same features as the truck-mounted BE controller but is self-contained in a rugged case with a built-in LCD monitor. The BK can also be mounted in a truck and removed when portability is needed. The new design reduces the overall size of the controller and ads the option of a built-in computer system that can run pipeline inspection software. The new full-color LCD control and diagnostics panel makes selection of functions and control even easier!

BE3.5 / BS7.0 Mainline Control

The new BE3.5 is the ultimate in ergonomic controller design. The evolution of the popular BE3.0 his controller adds functionality and ensures added flexibility in the future. The controller features a small main unit which is easily mountable under the desk or in any electronic control rack. The remote control board acts as your diagnostic and control interface. All system functions are easily accessed by this small desktop unit. System information is now displayed on the color LCD touch-screen in the center. Camera and tractor movement, focus, iris, cruise and lateral launch commands are controlled from the dual multi-axis joysticks.

The BS7.0 is the new fiber optic controller. This controller functions exactly like the 3.5, but includes larger power supplies and supports fiber optic camera systems like PANORAMO® and PANORAMO® SI.