LISY Lateral Launch System

Lateral Launch
The First is Still the Best...

IBAK invented the lateral launching robot in 1994. These unique systems allow users to drive down the mainline pipe and "launch" a secondary camera into a branching line, typically into a house lateral.

The LISY 3.2 is the latest evolution of IBAK's Lateral Launch system. With faster launch speeds, shorter, more flexible front connector options, and smaller launch cameras, the LISY 3.2 is perfect for your more demanding projects, including reverse launches. This system is capable of launching from a 6" to 48" mainline pipe into laterals 2" and up. The entire drive system was revamped with a larger drive motor and more efficient pressure wheels to increase the launch speed by up to 4x faster than other lateral launchers!

The most impressive feature of the LISY is how easily it controls. Even without prior experience with this type of system, you can be launching effectively within minutes. Easier to operate, less costly to maintain, more durable and

Launch Reel Options

The LISY works in both a manual, portable configuration or with a synchronized truck or trailer mounted system. The Synchro system makes launching and retrieval easy by automatically managing the pushrod cable in conjunction with the mainline cable reel. The manual reel is perfect if you need to take a lateral inspection to an off-road mainline access point.

Ultimate Control

The LISY utilizes a variety of cameras to ensure that you have a good view of the lateral service in order to make insertion easier. The system features a built-in infrared camera for smaller diameters and to monitor the pushrod. Two additional, optional color placement cameras make work easy in larger diameters.

"Magic" Pushrod

Our pushrod is protected by a nylon sleeve which takes all the abuse of pushing and bending. If there is damage to your cable, the repairs are often a fraction of the cost compared to the competition. We have customers who accomplish thousands of lateral launches without replacing their pushrod cable, saving time, increasing production and lowering repair costs.

Articulating Placement Arm

The key to making our system work more effectively is the ease of control. The front articulation arm of the LISY 3.2 has been redesigned for greater strength and lower weight. The LISY's articulating arm rotates and tilts with precision to place the camera in the lateral connection. Simply align the placement cone mounted on the front of the articulating arm to line up the camera to insure quick launching!

Lateral Navigating Camera

The ORION-L was designed specifically to work with the LISY Lateral Launch system. With the ORION-L you can choose the direction of travel once inside the smaller pipeline. When you encounter a pipe fitting such as a "tee" or a "y", Simply direct the lateral navigating stick on the front of the pan & tilt camera into the pipe you want to travel. Once positioned the system will push the camera forward and it will move into the line you chose, where you can continue your inspection. This camera also includes a built-in transmitter for location above ground - perfect for locating missing lines or defects before digging!

The LISY system was designed to use IBAK's pan & tilt push cameras. This gives you the ability to make accurate observations in the lateral line insuring you won't miss anything

3-D GeoSense System

The new LISY 3.2 was designed to work with the new 3-D GeoSense system from IBAK. This revolutionary system gives you the power to map lateral pipelines with accuracy and speed. The new 3-D GeoSense sensor tracks the movement of the camera as it travels through the lateral, capturing distance, position and depth in three dimensional space. This data is captured and displayed by your data logging software. Finally, you no longer have to track the system above ground with a locator. Simply conduct your inspecion and collect the positional data. This is the perfect sytsem for cross-bore analysis!

Large Diameter Configuration and LISY Lateral Cleaning Accessory