MiniLite® Pushrod System

The Quality & Technology That You Expect In A Truly Portable Pushrod System!

The NEW MiniLite features an all new controller module design. With a bright 10" touch screen and a built in Windows PC, this controller is ready right out of the box. The new multifunction joystick allows precise control of our pan & tilt cameras.This system is a compact and versatile platform for inspection of small diameter pipelines, and works with HYDRUS, JUNO, NANO, NANO-L, ORION Zoom, ORION-L, and POLARIS cameras.

Whether you are an experienced plumber or a contractor that specialize in industrial inspections, the power and flexibility of the MiniLite Pushrod System can add a powerful tool to your arsenal. The multitude of camera options and the system's advanced features will allow you to inspect more pipe and take on the jobs other contractors cannot accomplish!