ORPHEUS® High Definition Inspection System

The True Next Generation of Video Inspection!

Why settle for the low-resolution of a standard CCTV system? Now you can inspect in stunning high-definition! Get the information you need and avoid blurry, out of focus pictures. Our system is the only one in the world designed from the ground up to be 100% HD - ensuring that you capture clean, crisp video and high-resolution pictures.

You probably have a high-definition TV at home. Truth is, your mobile phone probably has a higher resolution than your current CCTV inspection system. The time has come to bring dramatically higher visual fidelity to the sewer inspection market. If you are Municipality interested in working with the best video data available, or a contractor wishing to leverage the quality of your services - the ORPHEUS® HD inspection system is for you!

Zoom In HD

The new ORPHEUS HD® system is perfect for large diameter pipelines. With its higher resolution, you can zoom closer into observations and up laterals even further than before while maintaining amazing picture clarity.

Since 1957, IBAK has been leading the industry with the highest quality, cutting edge equipment. The new ORPHEUS HD® from IBAK continues that tradition by offering its first High Definition Inspection System in full 1920×1080 resolution.