GATOR® Series Pipeline Cutters and Grinders

Electric Rehabilitation Robotics

Introducing the most advanced line of cutting and grinding robots on the market today! The GATOR® Series by IBAK provides operators with the quiet, clean power needed to accomplish the toughest jobs. The revolution of electrical cutters/grinders means that you can do your entire line from one access point without noisy air compressors or messy hydraulics. Call us today and let us show you how Quality Makes the Difference!

Micro and Alli GATOR® Cutters/Grinders

The NEW Micro and Alli GATOR®s are powerful, single-point electric reinstatement cutters manufactured to the exacting quality standards of IBAK. Have you ever wished that you could have this level of reliability, durability, and attention to detail in your cutter system? Well, the wait is over! With longer cable lengths, powerful and quiet cutting motors, and drive units designed to withstand the toughest jobs, these cutters have reset the industry's expectations.

High powered cutting motors are deployed from the durable cutter chassis. The main body expands to center the tool in the pipeline and the on-board monitoring camera insures that you can operate the unit with ease. You can even make 360 degree cuts!

GATOR® Lateral Detector

This revolutionary sensor mounts on the front armature of GATOR® cutters, and allows the user to locate lateral connections through the pipe liner before reinstatement. Utilizing a small microwave emitter and easy to use software, it locates the lateral behind the liner and automatically marks the center of the lateral for reinstatement. The system can be operated in a completely automatic mode and find the laterals, even if a pre-inspection was not completed prior to lining! The sensor allows rehabilitation companies to avoid costly and time consuming mistakes when reinstating laterals.